Advocacy Services

Educational Advocacy Resources LLC (EAR) can help you understand your rights as they relate to your child’s needs and help you develop a strategy with which you can advocate for your child. EAR provides assistance in a wide array of educational matters, including the following areas:

Disputes regarding eligibility, educational plans (IEPs or 504 plans), related services and placement.

Disputes about improper school suspensions, excessive discipline actions and educational services during the period of suspension/discipline.

Ensuring that schools are responsive to address behaviors that may result in a violation of a student’s right to a free and appropriate education or disability related harassment.

Ensuring that the education of your child with a disability prepares him or her for adult life, post-secondary education, employment, community participation & independent living.

Helping parents get the appropriate help for their children from birth to age three with developmental delays or certain medical conditions.

In addition, EAR can provide:

  • Consultation Services:  Short term consultations to assist you with specific problems or emergent issues.
  • Document Review Case Management:  A thorough review of your child’s records to help you develop an effective strategy to accomplish your particular goals for your child.
  • Parent Training:  Training parents of their rights and options so that they can effectively advocate for their child.
  • Presentations:  Customized workshops and presentations designed to meet the unique needs of your organization.